Designer Brick Mailbox Company

About Us

TMP Mailboxes offers quality brick mailboxes for a low cost. All of the mailboxes are built in-house from scratch. We will create an address block specifically for your home and use the brick of your liking. Prices begin at 700 dollars plus tax for our services.

All mailboxes come with cement header and address block included in the cost. Assembled beforehand, the finished mailboxes will be transported to your house for installation. This means no brick or construction supplies cluttering your yard while the mailbox is built! Installation takes a total of four hours over two days. The first day will involve about an hour and a half of work to dig a footer for the mail box. Then, within a week the finished mailbox will be transported to the sight and set in the foundation.

How To Purchase

Purchasing is easy! To buy from TMP Mailboxes, first call or email to make an appointment. After choosing the type of brick to be used, a time can be set for preparation and installation!

Contact Information

Phone: 412-257-8015

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Additional Information

If you are in the market for a new mailbox, brick may be just what you are looking for. We are a small business located in the Bridgeville, PA area that promises a quality, professional job. We build the mailboxes in our shop, then transport them to the job site. We do this to keep the our customer's yards clean and so that we spend a total of only four hours (across two scheduled installation days) on the homeowners property.